Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Idol Eyes rough concept work

So as I mentioned in the previous post, I've been doing some work for S-Rank Visual on their Visual Novel Idol Eyes. 

I've been helping with the character and costume design/concepts and it's been really fun to work on~!
The characters and story are really neat and there are a bunch of talented people working on it so I'm looking forward to seeing the end result :)

The game is still in production currently and I have a few more things to do for it so I'm sure there will be some more posts on this in the future.

If you're interested please take a look at Sally's blog Here and the Lemma Soft Forums post on Idol Eyes Here.

I must apologise for the image quality of some of these. My poor Scanner has broken, so I've had to turn to my trusty iPhone camera. Once I get a new scanner I may update this post with the cleaned up versions.

Ordering these from oldest to newest incase I update this post again.

A wild update appears

Whoops it's been a while. Work tends to eat up a lot of my time and I've been posting on Tumblr a lot more. Which is Here if anyone is interested. It has a few rougher things on from time to time. 

I've also been doing some work with S-Rank Visual Idol Eyes which I'll do a separate post about providing that they don't mind :)

Here's some nicer bits (Mostly WTNV) from the last year. Still lots to improve on.